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India and Tibet, London, 1910
Younghusband, Francis
2005, Hardcover
Substainable development; 2 vols (Set)
Gupta, NL and RK Gurjar (eds.)
1993, N
Perspectives in human geography, 7 vols (Set)
Husain, Majid (b.1938) (ed.)
1993, Hardcover

vol.1: human geography vol.2: social geography vol.3: cultural geography vol.4: population geography vol.5: population geography vol.6: political geography vol.7: regional geography
Perspectives in physical geography, 6 vols (Set)
Husain Majid (b.1938) (ed.)
1993, Hardcover

vol.1: physical geography vol.2: geomorphology vol.3: climatology vol.4: biogeography vol.5: biogeography vol.6: ecology and environment
Narrative of a journey through the upper provinces of Indiafrom Calcutta to Bombay 1824-1825 (with notes upon cont..2 (Set)
Heber, Reginald
1993, N

ceylon), an account of a journey to madras and the southern provinces, 1826 and letters written in india, 3 vols
The marginal nation: transborder migration from Bangladeshto West Bengal
Samaddar, Ranabir
1999, N

based on hithero unused data, reports and travels along the borders and to the migrants\' halmets\' this book forcefully challenges the approach which provileges the \'nation\' above other forms of community.
Climatology, ed. by Majid Husain
1994, N
Husain, Majid (1939- ) (ed.)
1994, N
Physical geography
Husain, Majid (1939- ) (ed.)
1994, N
High Himalaya unknown valleys; foreword by Chris Bonington
Kapadia, Harish
1993, N
The curry coast: travels in Malabar 500 years after Vasco da Gama
John, Binoo K
1999, N
Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China during the years 1844-1846, 2 Vols., tr. from French by W. Hazlitt, London, 1851 (Set)
Huc, Evariste Regis (1813-1860) et al.
1998, N
Tourism in Nepal: a profile, 2nd ed
Satyal, Yajna Raj (b.1932)
1999, N
On the brink: travels in the wilds of India
Menon, Vivek
1999, N

author\'s reminiscences about the animals in the sanctuaries of india.
The globe trotter in India; two hunderd years ago (Gemelli Carer) and other Indian studies, London, 1895
Macmillan, Michael
1993, Hardcover
Continental India: travelling sketches and historical recollections, illustrating the antiquity, religion cont..2 (Set)
Massie, JW
1993, N

cont..2 and manners of the hindoos: the extent of british conquests, and the progress of missionary operation; 2 vols
Walking with the Buddha: Buddhist pilgrimages in India
2006, Paperback

this book, with over 200 specially commissioned photographs, easy to follow sketch maps of the sacred sites, attempts to comprehensively illustrate every aspect of buddhism, its architectural heritage, its literary wealth and above all, its human philosophy, with prime focus on the sacred sites associated with the lord buddha during his lifetime.
Early Jesuits travellers in Central Asia, 1603-1721
Wessels, C
1999, Hardcover
Divining the Deccan: a motorbike to the heart of India
Aitken, Bill
1999, Hardcover

in this fascinating account of his travels through the deccan, aitken attempts to explain the lure of the awesome plateau country
Nainital: the land of trumpet and song (based on J.M. Clay's book on Nainital), photographs by Anup Shah
Shah, Giri Raj
1999, Hardcover
Journal of a route across India, through Egypt to England in the latter end of the year 1817, and the beginning of 1818, London, 1819
Fitzclarence, George Augustus Frederick
1999, Hardcover
Early travels in India 1583-1619, London, 1921
Foster, William
1999, Hardcover
Ibn Battuta: travels in Asia and Africa, 1325-1354 tr., andselected by H.A.R. Gibb with an introd. and notes, London, 1929
1999, Hardcover
Principles of physical Geography
Bhagat, RC and Raina Nater Singh
1993, N
Beyond the devil's teeth: journeys in Gondwanaland
Shah, Tahir (b.1966)
1999, Paperback
Things seen in Kashmir
Neve, Ernest F
1993, N
The Overland' to China, London, 1900
Colquhoun, Archibald R
1999, Hardcover
Narrative of the mission of George Bogle to Tibet and of the journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa, ed. with notes, and introd. and lives of Mr. Bogle and Mr. Manning, London, 1876
Markham, Clements R
1999, Hardcover
Abdul's taxi to Kalighat: a celebration of Calcutta
Roberts, Joe
1999, Hardcover

this book is about the spell calcutta casts and the shedding of perconceptions. it is a celebration of calcutta\'s history, food and music, its warmth and comedy.
Tourism potential in Aurangabad(with Ajanta, Ellora, Daulatabad Fort)
Qureshi, Dulari Gupte
1999, Hardcover