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Industrialisation and human resources development
1993, N
ILO standards for social justice and development of labour
1992, N
NGOs and women's development in rural South India: comparative analysis
Viswanath, Vanita
1993, Hardcover
New social movements in the South: empowering the people
Wignaraja, Ponna (ed.)
1993, Hardcover
A vindication of the rights of woman; introduction and explanatory notes by Subrata Mukherjee and Sushila Ramaswamy
1992, N
World labour report 1992: Vol.5, ed. by the International Labour Office, Geneva, Ist Indian ed
1993, Paperback
Commentaries on the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act), 1989
Gupta,Prem Kumar (1933- )
1991, N
Muslims in India: their educational, demographic and socio-economic status with comparative indicators for cont..2
Ahmad, Aijazuddin (1932- )
1993, N

hindus, sikhs, christians and other communities based on a singular and systematic field survey 1990-1993, vol.1: bihar.
Social obligation of writers
Balan, K (1943- )
1993, N
Conception of social class in Marx: towards a reconstruction
Bapuji, BR
1993, N
Perspectives in social stratification: the problem of classes
Bapuji, BR
1993, N
India and the Asian population perspective
Bose, Ashish (b.1930)
1993, Paperback
Flags of fame: studies in south Asian folk culture
Bruckner, Heidrun (ed.) et al
1993, N
Woman and child: a paradigm for rural development
Chandra, Jai Shree
1993, N
The Indian woman in perspective
Chatterji, Shoma A
1993, N
Social justice: a dialogue
Desai, DA et al.
1998, N

the present books is in the form of a dialogue on social justice between retired judge of the supreme court, justice d.a. desai, and a cross-section of people including social scientists, lawyers social activists and bureacratcs.
Varna Vyavastha: governance through caste system
Jhunjhunwala, Bharat
1999, N

contents (i) what is varna vyavastha? (ii) evolution of varna vyavastha (iii) history of varna vyavastha (iv) varna vyavastha in operation (v) theory of manu smriti (vi) indian leaders varna-jati confusion (vii) western thinkers: only bhoga vasana (viii) the brahmin in the modern world (ix) suggestions for constitutional reforms (x) guide for the individual
Environmental impact of large reservoir projects on human settlement: a case study of Upper Kolab project in Orrisa
Dalua, Ashwini Kumar (b.1936)
1993, Hardcover
Religion at the service of nationalism and other essays
Kishwar, Madhu
1998, N

written between 1984 and 1996 in response to specific situations of ethnic violence and conflict, most of these essays were published earlier in manushi, the well-known journal which kishwar edits.
Land reforms and changing agrarian relations
Damle, Chandrashekhara B
1993, N
Democracy, difference and social justice
Mahajan, Gurpreet (ed.)
1998, N

contents: (i) difference as discrimination (ii) difference as diversity (iii) democracy and social justice (iv) social justice through positive discrimination (v) difference and discrimination: the indian debate.
The great Indian middle class
Varma, Pavan K (b.1953)
1998, Hardcover

examines the evolution of the middle class especially in the fifty years since independence and tempers and euphoria unleashed by liberalisation with an analysis of the attitudes and predictions of this class and its position vis-a-vis the vast number of indian who live in extreme poverty.
Human rights: a source book
Dev, Arjun et al. (comp. and ed.)
1996, N
Themes and perspectives in Indian sociology
Dhanagare, DN
1993, N
The feminine sacred in South Asia: Le sacre au feminin en Asie de Sud
Tambs-Lyche, Harald (ed.)
1999, N
The prospects of rural development
1993, N
From concessions to confrontation: the politics of an Indian untouchable community
Gokhale, Jayashree
1993, N

vol. 1: ancient heritage. viii, 300p., isbn 8171171184 rs. 325 vol. 2: classical heritage viii, 436 isbn 8171171168 rs. 450 vol. 3: foundations of heritage viii 311p. isbn 8171171176 rs.350 vol. 4: medieval heritage. viii, 415p., isbn 817117115x rs. 450 vol. 5: modern heritage. viii, 391p. isbn 8171171192 rs. 425
In the absence of their men: the impact of male migration on women
Gulati, Leela
1993, N
Slums in new industrial towns: a study of drug-Bhilai in Madhya Pradesh
Gupta, Ashok K (1955- )
1993, N
Demographic differentials among the Rajputs and the Jats: a socio-biological study of rural Haryana
Gupta, Shashi Prabha
1993, N