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Medicinal plants of the Sikkim Himalaya: status, usage and potential
Rai, Lalitkumar et al.
1994, N

contents: (i) background (ii) the different groups and elements (iii) government/voluntary bodies (iv) some local practices (v) origin, channel and markets (vi) environmental implications (vii) future programmes.
Bhagavad Gita and environment
Dua, KK
1999, N
Shamanic cosmos: from India to the north pole star
Mastromattei, Romano et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

a group of eminent scholars from different european countries here tries to capture some of the highly gripping aspects of shamanic cosmology, diffused in varying eurasian environments.
Ideologies and institutions in Indian politics
1998, N

this volume explores in depth the ideological and institutional roots of the indian nation-state and its contemporary policies, practises and alternative developmental scenarios in the national and global contexts and their socio-logical, politico-economic and environmental ramifications
Indian government and politics
Awasthy, SS
1999, N

besides discussing the conventional topics relating to indian government and politics, the book tackle issues ranging from women, dalits, peasants and tribals to environment, nuclear tests and the role of violence in indian political systems.
Environmental impact of large reservoir projects on human settlement: a case study of Upper Kolab project in Orrisa
Dalua, Ashwini Kumar (b.1936)
1993, Hardcover
Himalayan biodiversity: conservation strategies
Dhar, U (ed.)
1993, N
Perspectives in physical geography, 6 vols (Set)
Husain Majid (b.1938) (ed.)
1993, Hardcover

vol.1: physical geography vol.2: geomorphology vol.3: climatology vol.4: biogeography vol.5: biogeography vol.6: ecology and environment
Forest influences: an introducation to ecological forestry
1993, N

products studies, no. 15
Social environment for sustainable development
Joshi, YG et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Indian cities: towards next millennium
Rao, R Ram Mohan et al. (ed.)
1999, N

it contains contributions on environmental, social, economic, migration and other issues of relevance by authors of diverse fields in social sciences, adopting an interdisciplinary approach in their respective studies
The social construction of Indian forests
Jeffery, Roger (ed.)
1998, N

selected contents: (i) mountain forests in tamil culture (ii) sacred groves in coorg, karnataka (iii) folk-models of the forests environment in highland malabar (iv) forests in garhwal and the construction of space.
Social ecology
Guha, Ramachandra (ed.)
1998, Paperback

brings together a selection of essays on subject of increasing interest to sociologists and social anthropologists and reflects the growing awareness of the causes and consequences of environmental degradation, and provides a compact and analytically sophisticated overview of environment and society in contemporary india.
Medical education and health care: a pluri-dimensional paradigm
Bajaj, JS (b.1936)
1998, N

paper included in the volume deal with issues ranging from population growth, quality of life, environment and development, reproductive ecology, nutrition and poverty, science and technology, and multiprofessional education to the science and art of medical practice.
Ecology and environment
Husain, Majid (b.1939) (ed.)
1994, Hardcover
Akbar and his India
Habib, Irfan (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

a large number of studies focussed on akbar, his empire, and his environment, to present a picture of the polity and culture of india between four and five hundred years ago.
Learning a foreign language-role of linguistic environment
Ali, Sehba
1999, N

foreign language acquisition in adults in native and non native linguistic environments: an experiment with english-speaking american students studying french at the university of illinois and in paris.
Ecology and pollution of Ganga river: a limnological study at Hardwar
Khanna, Dev Raj
1993, N
Society, state and security: the Indian experience
Koithara, Verghese (b.1940)
1999, N

weaving through different stands of security-economic social, political, military and environment, the author examines the conflict-ridden interface between national and human security. tracing the development of the indian state and its security concerns over the past 50 years, he critically examines the way in national and human security objectives have been pursued. he also ...
Climates and constitutions: health, race, environment and British imperialism in India 1600-1850
Harrison, Mark
1999, Hardcover

the book elucidates the origins of british medical intervention in india and the patterns of life and thought which became distinctive features of the raj.
Mountain dimensions: an altitude geographic analysis of theenvironment and development of the Himalayas
Pande, Ram Kumar (b.1946)
1999, N
Decolonizing Ceylon: colonialism, nationalism, and the politics of space in Sri Lanka
Perera, Nihal
1999, N

this book traces the historical construction of contemporary social space in sri lanka. it treats space and the built environment as a system grounded in sri lanka\'s place in the world system at different points in history.
Encyclopaedia of environmental biology, 2 vols., by G.R. Chhatwal (Set)
1998, Hardcover
Environmental encyclopaedia, 2nd ed.
Cunningham, William P et al. (ed.)
1999, N
Advances in general microbiology, 5 Vols (Set)
Srivastava, Sharad et al.
1994, Hardcover

vol.1: laboratory methods in micro-biology. vol.2: fundamentals of micro-biology. vol.3: biochemical environment of microbes. vol.4: genetics of micro-organisms. vol.5: micro-biology of food
Current researches in plant sciences: Professor B.S. Gill commemoration volume, 2 vols., Patiala, 1994 (Set)
Sarma, TA et al. (ed.)
1997, Hardcover

the commemoration volume for presentation to prof. gill has been divided into three sections namely, plant morphology and systamatics, chromosome dynamism and reproductive biology and plant physiology and environment.
Environment protection: challenges and issues, impact of rapid development and policy measures
1993, N
Tree plantation and environment awareness
Mathur, Lalit Mohan (1931- )
1993, N
British rule on Indian soil: North India in the first halfof the nineteenth century, tr. by Benedict Baron
Mann, Michael et al.
1999, Hardcover

this book is a study of the early british-indian economic history, particularly agrarian and environmental history, in the framework of colonial transformation of indian agriculture.
Forest management in Kumaon Himalaya: struggle of the marginalized people
Rawat, Ajay Singh
1999, Hardcover

it discusses the environemntalism of the poor and their assertion to manage and use their resources base.