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Literary and cultural perspectives on ancient India

Series : Survey of Ancient India Series
Author : Kumar, Raj (ed.)
Pages : vii,319p., 23cm.
Year : 1999
ISBN : 9788126102440, 8126102446
Publisher : Anmol Publications
Place : New Delhi
Binding : N
Price (Airmail) : US $35.25
About the book:

The present volume attempts to fucus light on some repesentative literary and cultural themes of great tradition. Main topics deatl are: A comparative study of Bhasa and Kalidasa; Upanishads; Rigvedic India; The Tantras; The women of Meghaduta; Nairatmya and Karma; South Indian Vaishvanism: Social units in Jatakas; Games and Amusements of Astadhyayi Proto-Indian ceramics; Religion and philosophy in Kerala; Health and home; Yavanas in early Indian inscriptions etc.
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