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Varna Vyavastha: governance through caste system

Author : Jhunjhunwala, Bharat
Pages : 285p., (1)ill., bib., ind., 23cm.
Year : 1999
ISBN : 8170334999, 8170334999
Publisher : Rawat Publications
Place : Jaipur
Binding : N
Price (Airmail) : US $28.25
About the book:

Contents (i) What is Varna Vyavastha? (ii) Evolution of Varna Vyavastha (iii) History of Varna Vyavastha (iv) Varna Vyavastha in Operation (v) Theory of Manu Smriti (vi) Indian Leaders Varna-Jati Confusion (vii) Western Thinkers: Only Bhoga Vasana (viii) The Brahmin in the Modern world (ix) Suggestions for Constitutional Reforms (x) Guide for the Individual
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