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Pratityasamutpada (45 essays in Hindi, English and Sanskrit), ed. by R.S. Tripathi

Series : Samyak-Vak Series; 1
Pages : xviii,384p., 25cm.
Year : 1986
Publisher : Central University of Tibetan Studies
Place : Sarnath
Binding : Hardcover
Price (Airmail) : US $28.25
About the book:

This is a collection of essays on Pratityasamutpada, presented by scholars who participated in the All India Seminar organized by the Institute in 1981. Scholars reflect on the Department Origination theory, the pivot of the Buddha doctrine, through traditional, modern and Western Views. Forty five articles are included in this volume out of which 9 are in Hindi, 13 are in English and 3 are in Sanskrit.
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