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Mahakavisribhavabhutipranitam Mahaviracaritam Viraraghavakrtaya Bhavapradyotinivyakhyaya samalamkrtam: Le Mahaviracarita de Bhavabhuti accompagne du commentaire de Viraraghava,....

Series : Publications de l\'Institut francais d\'Indologie; 74
Pages : xxxv,667p., 25cm.
Year : 1989
ISBN : 9788184700411, 8184700415
Publisher : Institut Francais de Pondicherry
Place : Pondicherry
Binding : Hardcover
Price (Airmail) : US $40.50
About the book:

....Nouvelle edition, traduction de la piece, notes, F. Grimal. (in Sanskrit and French);;;The present work is a first French translation of the Mahaviracarita (The epic tale of the Great Hero), one of three plays composed in Sanskrit and Prakrit by the poet-playwright Bhavabhuti in the 1st half of the 8th cent. A.D. The annotated translation is presented alongside the text. The play is accompanied by the Sanskrit commentary of Viraraghava (18th cent. A.D.), again annotated.
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