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Naked seeing: the great perfection, the wheel of time, and visionary Buddhism in Renaissance Tibet

Author : Hatchell, Christopher
Pages : xiv+472p., bib., ind., 24cm.
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9780199982912, 0199982910
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Place : New York
Binding : Paperback
Price (Airmail) : US $42.00
About the book:

The author presents the intellectual and literary histories of these practices, and also explores the meditative techniques and physiology that underlie their distinctive visionary experiences. It also offers for the first time complete English translations of three major Tibetan texts on visionary practice: a Kalacakra treatise by Yumo Mikyo Dorje, The Lamp Illuminating Emptiness, a Nyingma Great Perfection work called The Tantra of the Blazing Lamps, and a Bon Great Perfection work called Advice on the Six Lamps, along with a detailed commentary on this by Drugom Gyalwa Yungdrung.
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