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Silpa-sahasradala: directory of unique, rare and uncommon Brahmanical sculptures: Vol.2: Visnu, Brahma, Surya, Lokapalas/Dikpalas, Upadevatas, Deva-pattas

Author : Joshi, N.P. et al
Pages : xviii+534p., full of b/w illus. & Line drawings, abb., gloss., bib., 29cm.
Year : 2012
ISBN : 76384, 76384
Publisher : Jnana-Pravaha
Place : Varanasi
Binding : Hardcover
Price (Airmail) : US $142.00
About the book:

This volume in hand presents consolidated account of icons of Visnu, Brahma, Surya, Lokapalas/Dikpalas, Upadevatas and Deva-pattas with their locations, brief descriptions, notable features along with allied references in Vedas, Epics, Puranas, Classical works and folk traditions. Photographs and line-drawing appear as visual aids.
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