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Terracotta objects in Bangladesh National Museum

Series : Descriptive Catalogue Sr.; Volume 02/2016
Pages : 538p., gloss., bib., ind., 29cm.
Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789843390790, 9843390792
Publisher : Bangladesh National Museum
Place : Dhaka
Binding : Hardcover
Price (Airmail) : US $138.00
About the book:

This volume of Catalogue contains the curatorial data of 515 terracotta objects from the collection of Bangladesh National Museum. These objects were salvaged from different corners of this country. It is the first publication of its kind in this deltaic land of Bangladesh. They include pots, sculptural objects, architectonic art pieces, plaques developed as building material and even household objects. They were manufactured in different phases of history by certain artisan communities, kumars or kumbhakars by title.
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