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1-800-worlds: the making of the Indian call centre economy

Krishnamurthy, Mathangi

ISBN: 9780199476053, 0199476055

The book is a sensitive ethnographic portrait of call centre workers in the university town of Pune engaged by the multinational corporations.


ABC of Naga culture and civilization: a resource book

Haksar, Nandita

ISBN: 9788192072203, 8192072207

This book deals with the impact of globalization on Naga culture and society. The material and cultural traditions of the Nagas are better documented than any other tribal society in the world. And now this rich and vibrant culture is threatened with extinction by forces of globalization.


The abode of Mahashiva: cults and symbology in Jaunsar-Bawar in the mid-Himalayas, introd. by O.C. Handa

Jain, Madhu

ISBN: 9788173870309, 8173870306

Contents: (i) Socio-cultural geography (ii) Socio-religious system through the ages (iii) The cults (iv) The symbology (v) Aesthetic evaluation of the symbols.;


An abode of the goddess: kingship, caste and sacrificial organization in a Bengal village

Togawa, Masahiko

ISBN: 9788173046773, 8173046778

Based on the field survey, this book is about a village society in Bengal and its relationship with Hindu kingship on the ritual organization of an old temple. The analysis reveals the strong polity over ordinary life in the rural society.


Adi Deo Arya Devata: a panoramic view of tribal-Hindu cultural interface

Jain, Sandhya

ISBN: 9788129105226, 8129105225

This work suggests that tribal society constitutes the keynote and the bedrock of Hindu civilization.


Adi tribes of Arunachal Pradesh

Rizvi, SHM et al.

ISBN: 9788176465243, 8176465240


Adivasi life stories: context, constraints, choices

Munshi, Indra

ISBN: 9788131600443, 8131600440

This book is about the lives of the adivasis, also known as tribals, and the circumstances in which they find themseleves, in one district, Thane, in Maharashtra.


The adivasi question: issues of land, forest and livelihood

Munshi, Indra (ed.)

ISBN: 9788125047162, 8125047166


Adivasis and the Raj: socio-economic translation of the Hos, 1820-1932

Gupta, Sanjukta Das

ISBN: 9788125041986, 8125041982

This book brings back a focus on the colonial history of adivasis and discusses the issue of their identity against this background. It is a study of the Hos of Chota Nagpur from 1820, when they first came into contact with the British, to 1932, when their protests took the form of religious reform movements in an attempts to develop a distinct tribal identity.


Adversity to advantage: the saga of people of Indian origin in South Africa

Singh, Anand et al.

ISBN: 9788185264561, 8185264562

It was earlier published as Journal of social science, special volume No.11.


Affairs of an Indian tribe: the story of my Tharu relatives

Hasan, Amir ( -1992)

ISBN: 9788185936000, 8185936005


Affliction: health, disease, poverty

Das, Veena

ISBN: 9788125057321, 8125057323


An enquiry into the ethnography of Afghanistan

Bellew, Henry Walter (1834-1892)

ISBN: 9788186505267, 8186505261


After Elwin: encounters with tribal life in central India

Gupta, Prosenjit Das

ISBN: 9788180280283, 8180280284


Against ecological Romanticism: Verrier Elwin and the making of an anti-modern tribal identity, 2nd rev. ed.

Prasad, Archana

ISBN: 9788188789702, 8188789704

The essays in this book develop a systematic critique of the romanticised notions of tribal life, identity and ecology that informs so much of today's scholarship as well as the popular perceptions and 'everyday commonsense' relating to these themes.


Against history, against state: counter-perspectives from the margins

Mayaram, Shail

ISBN: 9788178240961, 8178240963

This pioneering study, based on a decade of intensive research, explores the Meo community through their oral tradition, revealing sophisticated modes of collective memory and self-governance.

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