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50 years after Daojali-hading: emerging perspectives in the archaeology of Northeast India; essays in honour of Tarun Chandra Sharma, ed. by Tiatoshi Jamir & Manjil Hazarika

ISBN: 9788189131906, 8189131907

The volume is an attempt to capture the emerging diversity of approaches in the Archaeology of Northeast India both by archaeologists of the region and outside, ever since the first excavation at Daojali-Hading in North Cachar Hills.


Abhidha, ed. by Jitendra B. Shah

Nandi, Tapasvi

ISBN: 9788185857138, 818585713X

Contains lectures delivered by the author on 'Abhidha' from the rhetorical angle alongwith different viewpoint of the ancient alamkarikas, including Acarya Hemacandra.


Abhyudaya: recent researches in epigraphy and numismatics (commemoration volume in honour of Dr. K.V. Ramesh), ed. by T.S. Ravishankar and S. Swaminathan

ISBN: 9788180903779, 818090377X

The present volume is published in honour of Dr. K.V. Ramesh, one of the most well-known Indian epigraphists in the world.

ABIA South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology index, Vol. 4, ed. by Asha Gupta

ABIA (Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology) for 2007 to 2011, data was aquired and processed at IGNCA, India. Vol.4 covers mostly Indian publications and some from South Asian region.


The age of iron in South Asia: legacy and tradition

Tripathi, Vibha

ISBN: 9788173052088, 8173052085

Contents: (i) The background--emergence of iron in ancient world (ii) Origin and dispersal of iron in India (iii) From copper to iron--growth of metallurgy (iv) Metals and metallurgy of iron in the antiquity (v) Iron ores in India, their mining and cultural correlation (vi) Towards the age of iron.


The age of the Satavahanas, 2 vols

Shastri, Ajay Mitra (b.1934) (ed.)

ISBN: 9788173051593, 8173051593

The Satavahanas (Andhra or Andhrajatiya of the historical sections of the Puranas) occupy a pre-eminent position in early Deccanese history comparable only to that of the Kushanas of North India who were almost contemporaries


The age of Traikutakas: coins, inscriptions and art

Pandit, Suraj A

ISBN: 9788173201158, 8173201153

This book is an attempt to understand the contributions of the Traikutakas, a dynasty that ruled over North Konkan in the 5th, 6th century CE, by considering various types of data and art history related to them. This book primarily focuses on the artistic developments in this region during the reign of the Traikutakas and also details the motivational factors behind specific developments in ar...


Agni: the Vedic ritual of the fire altar, 2 vols. with two audio cassettes, photographs by Adelaide de Menil, Berkeley, 1983

Staal, Frits et al.

ISBN: 9788120816602, 8120816609

The first volume contains a discussion of the place of the Agnicayana in the Vedic strauta tradition, its textual loci, traditional and interpretations of its origins and significance and an overview of the Nambudiri Vedic tradition. The second volume contains contributions by an international galaxy of scholars on archaeology, the pre-vedic Indian background, geometry, ritual vessels, music mu...


Aitihasik Bharatiya Abhilekha (in Hindi)

Vajpeyi, Krishna Datta et al.

ISBN: 9788185263809, 8185263809

On historical Indian inscriptions.;


AITIHYA: Journal of ancient history, culture and archaeology, Vol.1, (2010)

Sinha, Atul Kumar et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788179753859, 8179753859


Ajaya-Sri-recent studies in indology: Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri felicitation volume, 2 vols

Handa, Devendra (ed.)

ISBN: 9788185067186, 818506718X

The four sections of this book are; archaeology, history, historical geography; epigraphy and numismatics; art, architecture and iconography; and religion, philosophy language and literature.

Akbar's tomb, Sikandarah, near Agra, described and illustrated by Edmund W. Smith

Contents: (i) Akbar's tomb (ii) Gateways (iii) Jahangir's account of Akbar's tomb (iv) Aram Banu and Shukru-N-Nisa as described by the emperor Jahangir (v) Inscriptions.;


Alamkaradappana, ed. by H.C. Bhayani et al

ISBN: 9788185857015, 8185857016


Anantanaha Jina cariyam of Sri Nemicandra Suri, Prakrit text, ed. by Rupendra Kumar Pagariya

ISBN: 9788185857008, 8185857008

A biographical work narrating the life-story of Jina Ananthanatha, the 14th Tirathankara. This work has been edited on the basis of the only available single manuscript stored by the Samvegi Upasraya Jnana Bhandara, Ahmedabad.

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