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1962 and the McMahon line saga

Arpi, Claude

ISBN: 9781935501404, 1935501402

Describing the tragic event of 1962 when India went into war with China, the author goes into some relatively little known issues, such as the checkered history of Tawang; the British India policy towards Tibet and even the possibility for India to militarily defend the roof of the world.


1962: the war that wasn't

Verma, Shiv Kunal

ISBN: 9789382277972, 9382277978

In this definitive account of the conflict, based on dozens of interviews with soldiers, officers, support staff, bureaucrats, and numerous others who had a first-hand view of what actually happened in 1962, filmmaker and military historian Shiv Kunal Verma takes us on an uncomfortable journey through one of the most disastrous episodes of independent India's history.


1965 turning the tide: how India won the war

Gokhale, Nitin A.

ISBN: 9789385436710, 9385436716


1965: stories from the second Indo-Pak war, foreword by Manohar Parrikar

Rawat, Rachna Bisht

ISBN: 9780143425373, 0143425374

The book recounts the battles fought by the Indian Army in 1965 war against Pakistan and brings to life the five grittiest battles of this war.


2004 Tsunami: the IAF story: a few good men and the angry sea

Sathe, Nitin

ISBN: 9789382711544, 9382711546

It is an inspiring story of how human endeavour on a tiny corner of the earth overcome one of the greatest natural disasters in history.


60 world's great military leaders

Joshi, B.S.

ISBN: 9788193767818, 8193767810

Afghanistan in transition, beyond 2014?

D'Souza, Shanthie Mariet (ed.)


Afghanistan: a role for India

Sawhney, R K et al

ISBN: 9789380502526, 9380502524


After the bomb: reflections on India's nuclear journey

Vanaik, Achin

ISBN: 9788125058533, 8125058532

The book analyses the main flaws in the arguments favouring nuclear weapons. The volume presents ten dilemmas of nuclear deterrence followed by a politico-psychological analysis of why the Indian bomb lobby takes the effectiveness of nuclear deterrence as an article of faith.


Military sociology: past, present and future

Sougaijam, Asha

ISBN: 9788183249010, 8183249019


America's war for the greater Middle East: a military history

Bacevich, Andrew J.

ISBN: 9780553393934, 0553393936

Provides a searing reassessment of U.S. military policy in the Middle East over the past four decades.


The Anglo-Maratha campaigns and the contest for India: the struggle for control of the South Asian military economy

Cooper, Randolf GS

ISBN: 9788175962507, 817596250X

A cross cultural study of the political economy of war in South Asia.


Approach to battle: training the Indian Army during the Second World War

Jeffreys, Alan

ISBN: 9789352906277, 9352906276

This monograph is a modern historical interpretation of the Indian Army as a holistic organisation during the Second World War. It will look at training in India--charting how the Indian Army developed a more comprehensive training structure than any other Commonwealth country.


Armed conflicts in South Asia 2012: uneasy stasis and fragile peace

Chandran, D Suba et al (ed.)

ISBN: 9780415830591, 0415830591

Sixth in the annual series, this volume examines the major trends in armed conflicts in South Asia during 2011, efforts towards conflict management undertaken by the state and their effectiveness, as also the road ahead.


Armies, wars and their food

Rao, D Vijaya

ISBN: 9788175969186, 8175969180

The book traces the evolution of military rations and provides insights into the concept of mitrition for military from the point of a food scientist.


Arms and armour: traditional weapons of India

Paul, E Jaiwant

ISBN: 9788174363404, 8174363408

This book traces the development of the weapons of the Indian warrior, from the earliest to modern times, and also provides illustrations of a wide variety of the arms and armour discussed.


Arms control in Asia

Verma, Vijay Kumar

ISBN: 9789380388830, 9380388837


Army and nation: the military and Indian democracy since independence

Wilkinson, Steven I

ISBN: 9788178244563, 817824456X

The book draws on uniquely comprehensive data to explore how and why India has succeeded in keeping the military out of politics, when so many other countries have failed. It uncovers the command and control strategies, the careful ethnic balancing, and the political, foreign policy and strategic decisions that have made the army safe for Indian democracy.

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