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China: military modernisation and strategy

Chansoria, Monika

ISBN: 9789380502687, 9380502680


Chinese lessons from other people's wars

Scobell, Andrew et al (ed.)

ISBN: 9788170622598, 817062259X


Chinese strategies on Central Asia: the new great game

Hawkins, Charles et al (ed.)

ISBN: 9788170494232, 8170494230


Civil and military warfare

Lindsay, G M

ISBN: 9788182902671, 8182902673

These lectures were written between 1 December 1941 and 1 February 1942 in the period marked by the opening of the Russian counter-offensive, General Rommel's retirement and second comeback in Libya and the overrunning of Malaya by Japan.


. Commanders-in-chief of India (1748-1947)

Kumar, Raj

ISBN: 9789381709900, 9381709904

This book gives brief yet vivid accounts of life and work of British Commanders-in-Chief of India.


Communication and media strategy in the Jihadi war of ideas

Chadha, K.N.

ISBN: 9789380817699, 938081769X

Contents:;Jihadi video in the `War of Ideas'; Jihad networks and the war of ideas; War of Ideas in Europe; The truth campaign and the war of ideas on terror; Al Qaeda Today: The new face of global Jihad; The ISIS Propaganda War: A Hi-tech Media Jihad; Jihad: Then and now; Media, Jihad and ISIS. Lt. Col. Kavinder Nath Chadha (Retd.), corps of signals, has throughout brilliant service car...


Comprehensive security for an emerging India

Kak, Kapil

ISBN: 9789380502304, 9380502303


The concept of war in Indian and Western political thought

Dasgupta, Sanghamitra

ISBN: 9788124607329, 812460732X

This volume scans the Indian and Western views and approaches on war in the ancient and modern times. To understand the concept of war in ancient period, it analyses Rgveda, Manusmrti, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Arthasastra from the Indian parlance and the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle from the Western perspectives.


Confronting the bomb: Pakistani and Indian scientists speak out, preface by John Polyani

Hoodbhoy, Pervez (ed.)

ISBN: 9780199068333, 019906833X

Authored by scientific from both sides of the Pakistan-India divide, this book fearlessly explores tabooed, but urgent, nuclear issues. Concerned citizens, policy-makers, and nuclear experts are presented with a rich range of complexities: political and semi-technical.


A stranger in my own country: East Pakistan, 1969-1971, introd. by Muhammad Reza Kazimi

Raja, Khadim Hussain

ISBN: 9780195474411, 0195474414

A first hand account of the military debacle and collapse of civil society in Bangladesh, during the 1971 East Pakistan tragedy.


Contemporary security concerns of India

Toppo, Herkan Neadan (ed.)

ISBN: 9788180699382, 8180699382

This book is an effort to examine the present security situation by identifying variant existing perception that leads to serious problems of vulnerability of a sovereign nation--India.


Core concerns in Indian defence and the imperatives for reforms, ed. by Vinod Misra

ISBN: 9788182748187, 8182748186

This book seeks to put together the perceptions, views and recommendations of a host of past practitioners at the highest level from the civil and military bureaucracy who have had some unmatched insights into the complex world of Indian defence and its decision-making structures and processes.


The Indian Army in World War I, 1914-1918

Cardozo, Ian

ISBN: 9789388540148, 938854014X

This volume tells the story of India's contribution to the Great War--a war that resulted in the decimation of ten million soldiers and twenty million civilians, the destruction of the youth of Europe and the Ottoman, Russian and Austrian dynasties and hastened the demise of the British and French empires.


Field Marshal Cariappa

Singh, M.K.

ISBN: 9789387292185, 9387292185


Death wasn't painful: stories of Indian fighter pilots from the 1971 war

Jafa, Dhirendra S

ISBN: 9788132117896, 8132117891

This book is a true account of the experiences of a former Indian fighter pilot, who was taken prisoner during the 1971 Indo-Pak/Bangladesh Liberation War.

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