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Advanced ecology

Kumar, Arvind (b.1953) et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788170354284, 8170354285


Advances in ecology and environmental sciences

Mishra, PC et al

ISBN: 9788170246763, 8170246768


Advances in environmental biopollution

Shukla, AC et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788176480987, 8176480983


Advances in environmental science and technology, 8 Vols.,

Rajvaidhy, Neelima et al.

ISBN: 9788176480109, 817648010X

Vol.1: Water chasracteristics and properties;Vol.2: Environmental analysis and instrumentatio;n;Vol.3: Environmental biochemistry;Vol.4: Environmental pollution control: a refresher course;Vol.5: Environment measurement: concept and approach;Vol.6: Treatment of textile industrial effluent;Vol.7: Treatment of pulp-and paper industrial effluent;Vol.8: Microbial technology for bioremediation


Advances in environmental science and technology; Vol.1

Trivedy, RK (1957- )

ISBN: 9788170246718, 8170246717


Advances in environmental sciences

Tripathi AK (eds.) et al

ISBN: 9788170245285, 8170245281


Agriculture and environment

Khan, MA et al.

ISBN: 9788176486033, 8176486035

Collected articles on emerging frontiers of environmental challenges, biotechnology in agriculture and crop production etc.


Agro-economy: environment and rights

Kayarkanni, S

ISBN: 9788183910118, 8183910114

This book is a collection of papers on the various aspects of Agro-Economy; Environment and Rights.


Agroforestry, principles and practices

Dwivedi, AP (b.1945)

ISBN: 9788120407039, 8120407032

With reference ot India;


Air pollution control

Mahajan, SP

ISBN: 9788179931868, 8179931862

This book on air pollution deals with the various sources of air pollution and the associated environmental and health impacts. It also discusses the appropriate measures to control/prevent the same.


Among the Himalayas

Waddell, LA

The vivid account of the habit and habitat, environment and ecology, and custom and manners has come from the pen of an author who has traversed the Himalayan regions year after year.;


Ancient futures: learning from Ladakh, (DVD)

Perched in the Himalayas on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, Ladakh has one of the harshest climates on earth. For over 1,000 years, Ladakhis have managed to survive and prosper by husbanding resoures and by protecting their land from overuse. But for 20 years, Ladakh's culture and enviornment have been systematically eroded in the pursuit of Western-style progress, what is happening in Ladakh...


Ancient Indian economic thought: relevance for today

Basu, Ratan Lal et al.

ISBN: 9788131601259, 8131601250

Based on two most well known ancient Indian writings, Arthasastra and Manusmriti, this volume deals in agriculture and land use, environment and ecology, craft industries, role of state sector, price policy, taxation etc.


And the bamboo flowers in the Indian forests: what did the pulp and paper industry do?, 2 Vols

Savur, Manorama

ISBN: 9788173044137, 8173044139

This study explores not only how and why the pulp and paper industry (PPI) caused the death of the bamboo forests that were an inexhaustible source of its raw material, it also investigates the impact that cultivation of alternate raw material has had upon the forest eco-system.

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