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Advances in fishing technology

Biswas, KP

ISBN: 9788170357988, 8170357985


Age and Growth in Indian fresh water fishes

Tandon, KK et al

ISBN: 9788185375267, 8185375267

Contents: (i) History of age and growth (ii) Methodology (iii) Growth studies (iv) Growth parameters (v) Harvestable size (vi) Mortality and population size (vii) Epilogue.;


Aquaculture in hill area

Singh, Premjit et al.

ISBN: 9788170195078, 8170195071


Aquarium fishes: a colourful profile

Alappat, Harishanker J et al

ISBN: 9788170188681, 8170188687


Aquatic animal quarantine and health certification in Asia

Humphrey, John et al.

ISBN: 9788170353904, 8170353904


Biodiversity and ecology of aquatic environments

Singh, H.R. et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788190609173, 8190609173


The blue revolution: case study of women in the inland fishe ries sector

Sinha, Frances et al

ISBN: 9788124101957, 8124101957

Contents: ; 1. The context.; 2. Inland fisheries - new techniques, new systems new entrants.; 3. Are there only fishermen? what about the fisherewomen.; 4. Focussing on fisherwomen: a case study from Bihar.; 5. Towards an alternative model: a programme from traditional fisherwomen.;


Breeding and seed production of fin fish and shell fish, foreword by T.V.R. Pillay

Thomas, PC (b.1939) et al.

ISBN: 9788170353089, 8170353084


Cleaning-up the Gangas: a cost-benefit analysis of the Ganga action plan

Markandya, A et al.

ISBN: 9780195649451, 0195649451

The work presents an interdisciplinary approach with contributions from experts in water engineering, fisheries, bio-diversity, epidemiology, and economics.


Coldwater aquaculture and fisheries

Singh, HR et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788185375564, 8185375569


Concepts of Indian fisheries

Pandey, KC

ISBN: 9788170710790, 8170710790


Convenience products from fish

Gopal, TK Srinivasan et al.


A descriptive catalogue of the Indian deep-sea fishes in the Indian Museum: being a revised account of the cont...2

Alcock, A

ISBN: 9788170351245, 8170351243

Cont...2 deep-sea fishes; collected by the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship Investigator, Calcutta, 1899;


A dictionary of Antiques


Dictionary of aquatic resources and fisheries, by V.P. Saini et al


Ecological and fisheries development in wetlands : a study of Chilka lagoon

Biswas, KP (1936- )

ISBN: 9788170351351, 8170351359

Contents: (i) Limnology (ii) Hydrography of the lagoon (iii) Ecological characteristics of the lagoon (iv) Flora of the lagoon (v) commercial activities in the lagoon (vi) Traditional fishermen-caste and status (vii) Fish and crustacean ecology-fisheries of the lagoon (viii) Role of copperatives (ix) Fish trade in the lagoon aquafarming in the lagoon (xi) Conflicts and problems (xii) Infrastru...


Economics of fisheries in North East India: opportunities and challenges

Nath, Kaju

ISBN: 9789351251507, 9351251500

This book examines the productivity of fisheries, resource-use efficiency, livelihood options, as well as the marketing structure of fisheries of Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost state of India.


Economics in fisheries research

Akhter, Nasreen

ISBN: 9789380179568, 9380179561

This book is the economic aspect of fisheries research. It is enriched with experiences in developing countries because this is where much of the innovative work in fisheries research in being carried out. It looks at the options available for expanding cost effective fisheries research methods.


Encyclopaedia of fishes of the world, 2 Vols

Jordan, Davbif Sitarr

ISBN: 9788186505205, 8186505202

Selected Contents: (i)The life of the fish (ii)The dissection of the fish (iii)Adaptations of fishes (iv)Geographical distribution of fishes (v)Fishes as food for man (vi)The collection of fishes (vii)The cyclostomes, or lampreys (viii)The holocephali, or chilaeras (ix)Subclass dipneusti, or lingfishes (x)Isospondyli (xi)The graying and the smelt (xii)Series ostariophysi.

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