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Early Indians: the story of our ancestors and where we came from

Joseph, Tony

ISBN: 9789386228987, 938622898X

This book relies heavily on path-breaking DNA research of recent years. But it also presents archaeological and linguistic evidence--all in an entertaining and highly readable manner. It puts to rest several ugly debates on the ancestry of modern Indians.

The 'Medieval' factor and the age of Harsha: a cultural study

Goyal, Shankar

The author provides an account of society, economy and cultural developments during the reign of Harsha (606-647 A.D.), defining it as a crucial period in the transition to the medieval.


'Tribal' heritage: an overlooked chapter of Indian history, rev. ed.

Misra, Promode Kumar

ISBN: 9789385161827, 9385161822


100 great Indians through the ages, rev. edition

Verma, HN et al.

ISBN: 9781881155003, 1881155005


100 great Muslim leaders of the 20th century

Alam, Mohd. Manzoor et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788185220062, 8185220069

Spanning the tumultuous history of the 20th century, this book profiles the life and times of 100 great Muslim leaders, the impact of whose thoughts and achievements continue to shape our lives in the 21st century.


100 Indians who made history: meet the people who shaped modern India

ISBN: 9781409348245, 1409348245

From Indian's greatest musicians, artists, and scientists to the most influencial political leaders, thinkers and writers - find out who changed India and how they did it.


100 prominent people of modern Bhutan: who is who & who was who from 1907 to 2008

Dorji, C.T.

ISBN: 9788186239223, 8186239227

This book contains short biographies of political leaders, religious leaders, philosophies, connoisseurs , historians and scholars from Bhutan who diverted their lives in shaping the destiny of Bhutan in 21st century.;


108 Vishnu temples: architectural, splendour, spiritual bliss

Varghese, Avey

ISBN: 9789385285370, 9385285378

The book is a pictorial journey into ancient architecture and the art of temple construction and sculpture with interesting trivia about 106 Vishnu temples across the length and breadth of India. With detailed images and wholesome information on the temples' history, architectural brilliance, art forms, rituals, beliefs and landscapes, the book is aimed at connoisseurs of art, architecture and ...


15 gun salutes, British reports on Bhutan from 1905-1945

Tashi, Tshering

ISBN: 9789993691815, 999369181X


15th Triennial conference, New Delhi, 22-26 September 2008: reprints, 2 vols. + 1 CD Rom.

ISBN: 9788184243444, 8184243448

Proceeding of International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation.;Contents: Art Technical, Source Research, Documentation, Education and Training in Conservation, Ethnographic Collections, Glass and Ceramics, Graphic Documents, Leather and Related Materials, Legal Issues in Conservation, Metals, Modern Material and Contemporary Art, Mural Paintings, Mosaics and Rock Art, Natural Histor...


A 16th century clash of civilizations: the Portuguese presence in Sri Lanka

Goonatilake, Susantha

ISBN: 9789556651294, 9556651292

A study of the Portuguese invasion of Sri Lanka to subjugete, invade and conquer ... and to reduce to slavery in the divine name and exaltation of the Catholic faith.


The 1857: Jihad, tr. by Bhalchandrarao C. Patwardhan

More, Sheshrao B.

ISBN: 9788170493372, 8170493374

A new book on the uprising of 1857 establishing that it was not a freedom struggle for India but was really a Jihad for restoration of the Muslim power.


1857: select documents, Fatehgarh, ed. and compiled by Life Span Research Foundation, New Delhi

ISBN: 9788183690225, 818369022X

Prepared by Colonel F.R. Cosens of 7th Rajput Regiment, it is mainly based upon Regimental histories, official narratives, the gazetteer, volumes of letters, and personal interviews.


The 1857 rebellion: debates in Indian history and society

Pati, Biswamoy

ISBN: 9780195690767, 0195690761

The 1857 rebillion arguably represents the largest popular uprising against colonialism anywhere in the world during the period.


1857 revisited: based on Persian and Urdu documents (in English and Urdu)

Hussain, SM Azizuddin

ISBN: 9788173919732, 8173919739

This book attempts to illuminate those aspects of the period of 1857 which have hitherto remained obscure or are not much explored. It has a calendar of 150 most important documents in Persian and Urdu which have been collected from National Archives of India and various other State Archives.

1857 Select documents: native accounts, ed. and comp. by Life Span Research Foundation, New Delhi

These selected documents attempt to reveal the how and why of the loyalty to the British rulers during the 1857 uprising and show that the collaborators believed in liberalistic methods of agitation.

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