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All India Radio: Sustaining through innovations

Sekhar, Pulugurta Chandra

ISBN: 9789388789103, 9388789105


Approaches to media: a reader, ed. by Oliver Boyd-Barrett et al

ISBN: 9788131605011, 8131605019

This book presents in one accessible volume a wealth of influential sources charting the major different approaches to the study of media and mass communication.


Art of editing

Singh, Bhanu Pratap

ISBN: 9788126144167, 8126144165


Bharatiya Janata Party vis-a-vis Hindu resurgence

Elst, Koenraad

ISBN: 9788185990477, 8185990476

In spite of Hinduism 's nominal magnitude, the chance that Hinduism gets wiped out by its enemies can no longer be discounted. More than ever, fortunes are spent on the war to destroy Hinduism in favour of Islam or some suitably adapted variety of Christianity or Marxism. The hostile activities of Islamic and Christian agitators and the attempts at Hindu demoralization and loss of Hindu self-r...


The book on trial: fundamentalism and censorship in India

Kumar, Girja

ISBN: 9788124105252, 8124105251

The present work is in affirmation of freedom to read, write, print, publish, discuss, debate and dispute creative and dissident writing. Dissonance is indeed the sauce of life.;


Censorium: cinema and the open edge of mass publicity

Mazzarella, William

ISBN: 9788125051268, 8125051260


Channeling cultures: television studies from India

Sen, Biswarup et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9780198092056, 0198092059


Communication & civilization

Salgaokar, Jayraj Jayant et al

ISBN: 9788192998749, 8192998746


Communication in rural development: a public policy perspective

Ray, Samirendra N

ISBN: 9788185952307, 8185952302

Contents: (i) Development, development administration and rural development: a conceptual overview and changing perceptions and perspectives (ii) Communication and development: theories, models and approaches: development communication to development support Communication (iii) Development experience and the communication scenario in India: a broad overview (iv) Communication research in India...


Communication management in journalism

Singh, Bhanu Pratap

ISBN: 9788126144211, 8126144211


Contested knowledge: science, media, and democracy in Kerala

Varughese, Shiju Sam

ISBN: 9780199469123, 0199469121

Science communication, once the exclusive preserve of a scientific elite, has not been immune to the growing influence of mass media over society. As mass media becomes the most prominent site of public deliberation over science, multiple voices-both expert and non-expert-have begun to emerge, rewriting the social contract of science.


Covering and explaining conflict in civil society

Rajan, Nalini (ed.)

ISBN: 9788125054849, 8125054847

This book is a collection of essays that highlights issues of ethics specifically in journalism of conflict. The media takes an active interest in reporting cases of conflict as political unrest has a direct and immediate impact on people's lives.


Data communication networks: a technological approach

Gurm, Jasmeet Singh et al

ISBN: 9788182204874, 8182204879

This book has been classified into nine following chapters: introduction; switching; data link layer; data link control; multiple access; wired LANs; network layer; transport layer protocol; and network security.


Digital cool: life in the age of new media

Nayar, Pramod, K

ISBN: 9788125047308, 8125047301


Digital god

Singh, Nikhilkumar

ISBN: 9789350296820, 9350296829

A runway kid from the most powerful family in Hyderabad, Kanu is a twenty-two-year-old hacker. His mission in life is to destroy his uncle, Rana, and take control over Sathyamev computers, a billion-dollar company originally started by his father.


Digital India: understanding information, communication and social change

Thomas, Pradip Ninan

ISBN: 9788132109044, 813210904X


Digital logic design: its application in communication and technology

Shekhar, Jayant et al

ISBN: 9788182204478, 818220447X

The present book is disigned for the students, teachers and research scholars of Computer science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, BCA B.Sc, IETE and AMIE.


The discourse of dissent in the Nepali media

Subedi, Daya Raj

ISBN: 9789350980903, 9350980908


Doing style: youth and mass mediation in South India

Nakassis, Constantine V.

ISBN: 9788125063018, 8125063013

In this book, the author explores the world of youth and mass media in South India. Through ethnographic descriptions of college life in urban Tamil Nadu, Nakassis examines what Tamil youth call style: the display of ostentatious brand fashion, speaking in cosmopolitan English, or acting out bombastic film heroism, among other kinds of acts.

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