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Abstract algebra

Choudhary, Prabhat

ISBN: 9788189473549, 8189473549

This book has been primarily from student's point of view. So that they can easily understand various mathematical concepts, techniques and tools needed for their course. Efforts have been made to explain such points in depth, so that students can follow the subject early.


Aparajitapracha of Bhuvanade vacarya: a treatise of housing, architecture, mathematics, iconography, music and dance etc, along with Sanskrit text & 'Mohanabodhini' Hindi co...

ISBN: 9788171103867, 8171103863

........ with Hindi and edited with scholarly notes by Shri Krishna `Jugnu' and Bhanwar Sharma, 2 vols.;


Aryabhata: life and contributions

Hooda, DS and JN Kapur

ISBN: 9788122407365, 8122407366

Contents: (i) History of ancient Indian astronomy and mathematics (ii) Life history of Aryabhata (iii) The Aryabhatiya (iv) Contributions of Aryabhata (v) mathematics (vi) Contributions of Aryabhata in astronomy (vi) Relevance of Aryabhata to modern mathematics and Science.;


The Bakhshali manuscript: a study in medieval mathematics, 3 parts (bound in one), Calcutta, 1927

Kaye, GR

ISBN: 9788177420586, 8177420585

Part 1: Introduction.;Part 2: The text (includes 42 plates).;Part 3: The text re-arranged.;In 1881 a mathematical work written on brich-bark was found at Bakhshali near Mardan on the north-west frontier of India. This manuscript was supposed to be of great age and its discovery aroused considerable interest. Part of it was examined by Dr. Hoernle, who publised a short account together with a tr...


Beejaganitham of Bhaskaracharya

Panicker, VB

ISBN: 9788172763916, 8172763913


Bijapallava of Krsna Daivajna: Algebra in sixteenth century India: a critical study, by Sita Sundar Ram

ISBN: 9788185170503, 8185170509

The importance of the Bijapallava has long been recognised but hitherto it has only been studied in parts that too, to a very limited extent. It provides us with a clear image of Krsna's Algebra dwelling on his merits as well as short-commings.


Biography of world great mathematicians

Nath, Somesh

ISBN: 9789350530689, 9350530686


Brahmasphutsiddhantasya Samikshatmakamadhyyanam (in Sanskrit) by Shivkant Jha

ISBN: 9788170814474, 8170814472

An important work on astronomy and mathematics.


Characteristic classes

Milnor, John W et al.

ISBN: 9788185931524, 8185931526


The Classical groups: their invariants and representations

Weyl, Hermann

ISBN: 9789380250359, 9380250355


Classics of Indian mathematics: algebra, with arithmetic and mensuration, from the Sanskrit of Brahmagupta and Bhaskara, tr. by Henry Thomas Colebrooke Esq., foreword by S.R. Sarma

ISBN: 9788188934249, 8188934240

This work contains English translations of two classics of Indian mathematics, namely Bhaskara's Lilavati and Bijaganita. These are supplemented by the twelth and eighteenth chapters of Brahmagupta's Brahmasphutasiddhanta.


Coding theorems of classical and quantum information theory

Parthasarathy, KR

ISBN: 9788185931753, 8185931755


Combinatorial techniques

Sane, Sharad S

ISBN: 9789380250489, 9380250487


Complex variables and integral transform

Pandey, RK

ISBN: 9788126133574, 8126133570

A comprehensive compedium of mathematical definitions, formulas, and theorems intended for researchers and students in mathematics.


The concept of Sunya

Bag, AK (b.1937) et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788173052408, 8173052409

The present volume is the outcome of a joint seminar organized by Indian National Science Academy and Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and aims at a documented account of various facets of sunya in mathematics and astronomy and its various ramifications in philosophy and arts.

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