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Academic dictionary of medicinal plant

Chatterjee, Anita (ed.)

ISBN: 9788182052307, 8182052300


Advances in medicinal plants

Agrawal, Sandhya

ISBN: 9788189473693, 8189473697

The present book aims to acquaint readers with the advances that have been taking have been taking place in the field of medicinal plants, particularly within the context of new age medicine. The book delineates not just conventional practices, techniques and treatments associated with medicinal plants, but also gives space to understand the challenges and issues and how current trends and adv...


Agro's colour atlas of medicinal plants

Prajapati, Narayan Das et al.

ISBN: 9788177541724, 8177541722


Agro's dictionary of medicinal plants

Prajapati, Narayan Das et al.

ISBN: 9788177541731, 8177541730


Annotated bibliography of phytochemicals

Singh, Amritpal

ISBN: 9788172334499, 8172334494


Aromatic and medicinal plants: yielding essential oil for pharmaceutical, perfumery, cosmetic industries and trade

Shiva, MP et al.

ISBN: 9788170892878, 8170892872

This comprehensive book furnishes information on all aspects of about 69 commercially important plants, necessary for forest managers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and all other user groups.


Aromatic oils: theirs sources, properties and usages

Dhiman, Anil K (b.1965)

ISBN: 9788190382410, 8190382411

This monograph contains information about essential oils and their plants of origin, along with family names, botanical names and common names.


Aromatic plants from Asia: their chemistry and application in food and therapy

Jirovetz, Leopold et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788190577106, 8190577107

The volume contains reserach papers from scholars all over the world.


Atlas of Ayurvedic medicinal plants

Singh Jasmeet

ISBN: 9788189986179, 8189986171


Atlas of Ayurvedic medicinal plants, Vol. 1

Singh, Jasmeet

ISBN: 9788189986186, 818998618X


Ayurveda secrets of healing: the complete ayurvedic guide to healing through Panch Karma seasonal therapies, diet, herbal remedies and memory

Tiwari, Maya

ISBN: 9788120820043, 8120820045

This book is a seminal work, the basis of which is deeply rooted in the scriptural knowledge behind Ayurveda.


Ayurvedic narcotic medicinal plants

Karnick, CR

ISBN: 9788170304852, 8170304857


Bacteriology in British India: laboratory medicine and the tropics

Chakrabarti, Pratik

ISBN: 9781580464086, 1580464084


Bedi vanaspati kosa, 6 vols., (in Hindi), text and photographs by Ramesa Bedi

ISBN: 9788170166320, 8170166322

Bedi dictionary of plants useful to man comprising medicinal, economical, industrial, agricultural, horticultural, silvicultural, etc.

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