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26th December 2004 Tsunami: causes, effects, remedial measures, pre and post Tsunami disaster management: a geoscientifIc perspective

Rajamanickam, GV et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788186772249, 8186772243

Section 1: Research highlights of R & D projects supported by Earth system science division, Department of Science and Tenchnology, New Delhi.;Section 2: Some important post Tsunami Activities of National agencies and academic institutions.;


50 years of Indian Republic

Santhanam, MK (ed.)

ISBN: 9788123009179, 8123009178

This is a compilation of articles on India's nation-building efforts since it became a Republic in 1950. The contents cover various facets of development such as Indian economy, agriculture, science and technology, poverty alleviation, education, housing and the like.


50 years of space: a global perspective

Manoranjan Rao, PV (ed.)

ISBN: 9788173716003, 8173716005

The essays in the book illustrate tge varied trajectories that objective - (1) to explore space and widen horizons. (ii) to harness space for development and for military purpose. (iii) to showcase superiority in technology; and (iv) Venture into outer space and probe the mysteries of the Universe.


Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray and Indian chemistry

Palit, Chittabrata et al.

ISBN: 9788187891680, 8187891688


The Acrobatics of change: concepts, techniques, strategies and execution

Siddiqui, Moid et al.

ISBN: 9788178298474, 8178298473

A perfect blend of theories, concept and practical techniques.


Acronyms in information science and technology

Rangra, Vijay Kumar (b.1930)

ISBN: 9788185689388, 8185689385

Provides over 6500 acronyms with 7500 expansions in information science and technology. Explains the terms which look like acronyms but are not so.


Advances in communications: proceedings of the 12th National Conference on Communications (NCC 2006), 27-29 January 2006

Mallik, Ranjan K et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788185399805, 8185399808

This book contains 112 papers covering some of the latest developments in telecommunications, signal processing, coding, networking, security, optical communications and wireless communications. These papers were presented at the Twelfth National Conference on Communication (NCC), January 2006, New Delhi. The authors are from both industry and academic and research institutions.


Advances in environmental science and technology, 8 Vols.,

Rajvaidhy, Neelima et al.

ISBN: 9788176480109, 817648010X

Vol.1: Water chasracteristics and properties;Vol.2: Environmental analysis and instrumentatio;n;Vol.3: Environmental biochemistry;Vol.4: Environmental pollution control: a refresher course;Vol.5: Environment measurement: concept and approach;Vol.6: Treatment of textile industrial effluent;Vol.7: Treatment of pulp-and paper industrial effluent;Vol.8: Microbial technology for bioremediation


Advances in environmental science and technology; Vol.1

Trivedy, RK (1957- )

ISBN: 9788170246718, 8170246717


Advances in food processing technology

Tripathi, MK et al

ISBN: 9789380428826, 9380428820


Advances in horticulture science research

Arora, Chandralekha

ISBN: 9788189473808, 8189473808

This book, designed as manual for horticulturists, brings within purview the contemporary advances in horticulture research. The emphasis is on understanding how newer techniques and technology has enabled better propagation of crop plants, with improved quantity and quality, as well as resistance to pests and diseases.


Advances in seed science and technology, 3 vols

Vanangamudi, K et al.

Vol.1: Recent trends in seed technology and management, 920p. (ISBN: 8177542583).;Vol.2: Quality seed production in vegetable crops, 944p. (ISBN: 8177542850).;Vol.3: Forest tree seed technology and management, 724p. (ISBN: 8177542966).;


Advances in seed science and technology, Vol.6: fruit seed production

Vanangamudi, K et al

ISBN: 9788177544480, 8177544489


Advances in seed science and technology, Vol.7, flower seed production

Vanangamudi, K et al (ed.)

ISBN: 9788177544640, 8177544640


Advances in solar energy: science and engineering: an annual review of RD&D, 4 vols., ed. by Praveen Saxena et al.

ISBN: 9788170195160, 8170195160

Volume 1: 2015 (ISBN: 9788170195160), Volume 2: Solar Thermal Energy, 2016 (ISBN: 9788170195320); Volume 3: 2016 (Renewable Energy Education, Training and Skill Development) (ISBN: 9788170195504); Volume 4: 2017 (Policies for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) (ISBN: 9788170195740)


Adventures into the unknown, essays by D.D. Kosambi, ed. by Ram Ramaswamy

ISBN: 9789383968114, 9383968117

The essays, some published for the first time, demonstrate once again DD Kosambi's impressive span of reading, and his amazing ability to make inter-connections between scientific principles, creative literature and the world we live in. He claimed that he was primarily a mathematician but his vision clearly went far beyond that.


Agriculture and water management

Kashyap, Ravinder Kumar

ISBN: 9788189473563, 8189473565

This book aims to delineate for agronomists, conservationists and agricultural engineers the science and technology of agricultural and water management. Highlighting the principles, processes and techniques involved, the text makes assessment of current trends and developments in the field, analyzing what they entail, as well as what they portend for the future.

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