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112 meditations for self realization: vigyan bhairava tantra, tr. and comm. by Ranjit Chaudhri

ISBN: 9788172344917, 8172344910

The Vigyan Bhairava Tantra is one of yoga's most important texts. It is an ancient text on yoga and meditation revealed by God centuries ago. It was written to show mankind how to reach a state of enlightenment.


Abhinavgupta's Hermeneutics of the absolute Anuttaraprakriya: an interpretation of his Paratrisika Vivarana, foreword b y Andre Padoux

Baumer, Bettina

ISBN: 9788124605721, 8124605726

It is an extensive commentary on the Paratrisika Tantra, and is one of the most profound texts, not only on non-dualist Kashmir Saivism, but of Indian philosophy and mysticism in general.


Adhuri jit: Bharat ka apratyasit loktantra, tr. by Jitendra Kumar

Varsney, Asutosa

ISBN: 9780199480333, 0199480338

Hindi tr. of: Battles Half Won: India's Improbable Democracy.


Advayayasiddhi: the tantric view of Laksminkara

Mishra, Ramprasad

ISBN: 9788186218006, 8186218009

Contents: (i) Laksminkara: the author of Advayasiddhi (ii) Text of Advayasiddhi (iii) English translation of Advayasiddhi (iv) Principles of Advayasiddhi.;



Jha, Kamlesh

ISBN: 9788186569795, 8186569790


Ajitamahatantram: the great tantra of Ajita, 5 vols., critically edited, tr. and annotated by N.R. Bhatt et al

ISBN: 9788120819740, 8120819748

The Ajitamahatantra is a lengthy text, which invites the reader to approach the Saiva religion in a form which probably goes back to Cola period and is located in Tamil Nadu. In eighty-nine chapters, it offers a systematic account of the installation of Linga starting from the selection of the stone and construction of the temple to the great ceremony of installation of the deity, besides deal...


The Aksaratantra: a pratisakhya of Samaveda with vrtti

Sharma, Shri Krishan

ISBN: 9788186727072, 8186727078


Alocna ka loktantra

Prasad, Kamla

ISBN: 9789380458212, 9380458215


An ancient Indian system of rasayana: suvarnatantra a treatise on alchemy

Palit Chittabrata et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9788178356921, 8178356929

Containts Sanskrit text of suvarnatantra, 16th century, its translation and interpretations with on epilogue on the colonial consequences of the mutation of Ayurveda.


An ancient Indian system of rasayana: Suvarnatantra a treatise on alchemy

Palit, Chittabrata et al. (ed.)

ISBN: 9789788178356, 9788178356

Contains Sanskrit text of Suvarnatantra, 16th century, text,its translation;and interpretation with an epilogue on the colonial consequences of the ;mutation of Ayurveda.;;


Aphrodisiac therapy: Vajikarana tantram

Pandey, Gyanendra

ISBN: 9788170801689, 8170801680



Misra, Govind

ISBN: 9789382114581, 9382114580

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