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Bhattaramakanthaviracita Kiranavrttih= Bhatta Ramakantha's commentary on the Kiranatantra, edition and annotated by Dominic Goodall, Vol.1: chapters 1-6

ISBN: 9788184700862, 8184700865

This is a critical edition and annotated translation of the first 6 (of 12) chapters of the Kashmirian Bhatta Ramakantha. The Kirnatantra contains 64 chapters and touches on every aspect of the cult: its theology, its yoga, its observances, and its rituals and all that relates to them, including architecture and iconography. The apparatus presents the readings of the 4 surviving South Indian m...


The Bhattatantrarahasya of Khandadeva, with the Saraprakasika commentary by N.S. Ramanuja Tatacharya, asso. ed: S. Lakshminarasimham

ISBN: 9788184702040, 8184702043

It is a 17th c. work and belongs to Bhatt a school of Mimamsa. Divided into two parts, it deals with the philosophy of the Mimamsa school and the meaning of normal suffixes, quoting relevant rules of Paninian grammar. The Bhattatantrarahasya of Khandadeva (17th c.) belongs to the Bhatta school of Mimamsa. It deals mainly with the meaning of roots and suffixes, and their role in conveying the m...


Bodhicittavivarana of Acarya Nagarjuna and Bodhicittabhavana of Acarya Kamalasila, critically ed. Tibetan text with Hindi transl. by Gyaltsen Namdol

This is a commentary on Bodhicitta text by Tathagata Vairocana found in the 2nd chapter of Guhyasamajatantra.


Boski ka pancatantra


ISBN: 9788183616348, 8183616348

An illustrated work in verse for children.


Bosky's Panchatantra, tr. from the Hindi by Rohini Chowdhury, illus. by Rajiv Eipe


ISBN: 9788129121189, 8129121182

Gulzar turns these stories into story-poems, to be read aloud or enjoyed alone. Hilarious and wise, naughty and clever, this retelling of the Panchatantra by one of India's most loved writers will be treasured by readers of all ages.


The Brahmayamalatantra or Picumata, Vol.I: chapters 1-2, 39-40 & 83, revelation, ritual, and material culture in an early Saiva Tantra

Hatley, Shaman

ISBN: 9788184702262, 8184702264

It is one of the earliest surviving goddess-oriented (sakta) tantras, its core probably dating back to the late seventh or early eighth century. The work is transmitted in a beautiful Nepalese palm-leaf manuscript of 11th century, which forms the basis for its critical edition. This volume includes the first published edition and annotated translation. ;


The Brahmayamalatantra or Picumata, Vol.II: the religious observances and sexual rituals of the tantric practitioner: chapters 3, 21, and 45, a critical edn. and annotated tr. ...

ISBN: 9788184702071, 8184702078

...Kiss. The present volume contains a critical edition and annotated translation of three of its chapters: one on the central mandala of the cult, one on preliminary religious observances (vrata) prescribed for all practitioners (sadhaka), and one on instructions for each individual category of sadhaka -- instructions on transgressive sexual rituals for the Talaka, on strict rules of conduct ...


A brief history of Dharmasastra

Banerji, SC (b.1917)

ISBN: 9788170173700, 8170173701

Contents: (i) Introduction (ii) Political, social and religious background (iii) Evolution of Dharmasastra (iv) Selected topics of Dharmasastra (v) Ethics in Dharmasastra (vi) Purana and Smrti (vii) Tantra and Smrti (viii) Interrelation among different schools of Navya-Smrti (ix) Society reflected in Dharmasastra (x) Rationalism, tolerance and germs of socialism in Dharmasastra (xi) Epilogue.


Brihat jataka of Varaha Mihira, tr. by Bangalore Suryanarain Raoby Bangalore Suryanarain Rao, ed. by Bangalore Venkata Raman

ISBN: 9788120813960, 8120813960

The English translation is a monumental work in completing which the difficulties in translating a beautiful, technical and suggestive work in Sanskrit had to be surmounted by hard labour, profound research and want of adequate expressions.

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