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Buddhism in Kashmir

Tantray, Mushtaq Ahmad

ISBN: 9789380852812, 9380852819


Buddhism: its essence and development, with a preface by Arthur Waley

Conze, Edward

Contents: (i) Common ground (ii) Monastic Buddhism (iii) Popular Buddhism (iv) The old wisdom school (v) The Mahayana, and the new wisdom school (vi) Buddhism of faith and devotion (vii) The Yogacarins (viii) The tantra or megical Buddhism (ix) Non-Indian developments;


Buddhist tantra and Buddhist art

Mishra, Tej Narain (b.1945)

ISBN: 9788124601419, 8124601410


A philosophical reflection and religious investigation, foreword by GC Pande

Singh, Lalan Prasad

ISBN: 9788180696473, 8180696472

Contents:;1. Introduction to Buddhist Tantra;2. Philosophical Basis of Buddhist Tantra;3. Vijrayana;4. Sahajayana;5. Kalacakrayana Tantra;6. Tantra Sadhana;7. Conclusion


The Buddhist tantras: light on Indo-Tibetan esotericism

Wayman, Alex

ISBN: 9788120806993, 8120806999


Buddhist tantricism

Singh, NK

ISBN: 9788182200043, 8182200040

An investigation of the theoretical and practical situations of two important texts which fall between the Tattvasamgrahatantra and the Hevajra-tantra, that is, the Guhyasamaja-tantra and the Sarvabuddha-samayogadakinimaya samvara-tantra.


A catalogue of manuscripts in Assam, ed. and compiled by Malinee Goswami

ISBN: 9788191001686, 8191001683

This catalogue lists 1154 mss. In the field of Ayurveda, Darsana, Jyotisa, Mantra/Tantra, Puranas, Smriti and Vyanarana etc. mostly in Assamese and Sanskrit.


Catalogue of Pancaratra Samhita (Skt.), ed. by Sadhu Parampurushdas et al

ISBN: 9788175262065, 8175262060

This catalogue of 460 samhitas gives an idea about the wide range of Pancatantra Agama literature.


Change, continuity and complexity: The Mahavidyas in East Indian Sakta traditions

Shin, Jae-Eun

ISBN: 9788193560914, 8193560914

Based on a close analysis of Puranas, Tantras and inscriptional evidence, and on extensive field research on archaeological remains as well as sacred sites, the volume discusses the two trajectories of the Mahavidyas in eastern Sakta traditions.


The charisma of Tibet

Chandra, Lokesh

ISBN: 9788177421668, 8177421662

The Charisma of Tibet is the flowering (padma) of the jewelline (mani) Dharma (om) in its depths (hum). This book surveys problems beginning with the statue of the Chinese Queen in the Potala, the role of Bactrians, the original home and Pure Land of Padmasambhava, the independence of Tibet throughout history, and so on. The 5th chapter begins with Tibet as the source of all the major rivers o...


Chhahadhala of Daulatram, English tr. by S.C. Jain, ed. by Kusum Jain, foreword by Ashko Jain

ISBN: 9788172770280, 8172770286

Contents: (i) Sufferings of worldly life (ii) Causes of worldly suffering (iii) Gradation of spiritual up-lift, right-faith (iv) Right knowledge, householder's code of conduct (v) Twelve reflections (vi) Code of conduct for homeless ascetics. ;


Chitra-pothi: illustrated palm-leaf manuscripts from Orissa

Das, JP (b.1936)

ISBN: 9788189738068, 8189738062

This book traces the palm-leaf tradition of Orissa and the development of Oriya literature that provides the basis of palm-leaf art. It throws light on the making of the chitra-pothis and the nature of the texts that were illustrated weaving into the larger canvas the patron, the scribe and the artists, as it goes on to analyse palm-leaf art: as illumination of the text and as an art form.;Par...


Classical and modern approaches to yoga

Ganesh Shankar (b.1958)

ISBN: 9788177020588, 8177020587

Endeavours to have an in-depth knowledge of selected approaches to yoga as found in classical literature of Ayurveda, Yogasutras of Patanjali and Tantras.

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