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Abhinavgupta's Hermeneutics of the absolute Anuttaraprakriya: an interpretation of his Paratrisika Vivarana, foreword b y Andre Padoux

Baumer, Bettina

ISBN: 9788124605721, 8124605726

It is an extensive commentary on the Paratrisika Tantra, and is one of the most profound texts, not only on non-dualist Kashmir Saivism, but of Indian philosophy and mysticism in general.


Abhinaya darpanam: an illustrated translation

Vallabh, Anita

ISBN: 9788188827350, 8188827355

This edition collates verses from the two available translated and edited texts of Manmohan Ghosh (328 verses), and P.S.R. Appa Rao (814 verses). The detailed illustration of every nuanced element is presented to offer a paradigm for exploring and understanding the embodied art within the broader context of performance, representation and re-presentation.


Abhisamayamanjari by Subhakaragupta, critically edited Sanskrit text with Tibetan version by Samdhong Rinpoche et al

This is very important work of Acarya Subhakaragupta on Vajrayoginisadhana which is being published for the first time;


Across/over: colonial agencies rewriting the texts, ed. by Alessandro Monti

ISBN: 9788876949609, 8876949609

Act East and India's North-East, ed. by C. Joshua Thomas et al.


Acts of authority/acts of resistance: theater and politics in colonial and postcolonial India

Bhatia, Nandi

ISBN: 9780195672121, 0195672127

The book is one of the few studies of Indian theater to link the aesthetics and the politics of that theater. It combines in-depth archival research with close readings of dramatic texts performed at critical moments in history.


An Advaita Vedanta perspective on language

Grimes, John

ISBN: 9788170302506, 8170302501


Advayavajrasamgraha, ed. with an intro. by Haraprasad Shastri

The work is a collection of twenty one small texts, composed by Advayavajra (c. 1100 AD or early 1200 AD), explaining important tenets of Buddhist philosophy. Foreword, preface and introduction are in English.


The Agama encyclopaedia (revised edition of Agama kosa), Vol.6: Alaya and Aradhana, by S.K. Ramachandra Rao, 2nd rev. and enl. ed

ISBN: 9788170308164, 817030816X

This encyclopaedia with deal with the temple architecture and Agama framework, the sectarian division of Agama into Saiva, Vaisnava and Sakta and the topics selected from the Agama texts. This volume deals with the general problems relating to the idea of Agama and the broad details of the tradition that is known after Agama.

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