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Ageless: a yogi's secrets to a long and healthy life

Jois, R. Sharath et al.

ISBN: 9788193876787, 8193876784


Allied yoga

Gharote, ML

ISBN: 9788189485030, 8189485032


Anatomy and physiology of yogic practices, rev. and enl. edition

Gore, Markand Madhukar

ISBN: 9788178223056, 8178223058


The ancient science of breathing: Svara Vijnana: For health, prosperity, peace and knowledge of future with essentials of Kundalini yoga for advanced meditation, revised ed

Das, Sri Krishna (b.1913)

ISBN: 9788174763334, 8174763333

The book is about the secret ancient science of breathing which had its origin in the dialogues between Lord Siva and His consort Parvati (Sakti) in ancient Sanskrit text Siva-Svarodaya.



Prasad, TS et al.

ISBN: 9788189534103, 8189534106

A book on five day course of asans, pranayama and meditation techniques with illustrations.


Arogyaniketan, trans. by Enakshi Chatterjee

Bandyopadhyay, Tarashankar

ISBN: 9788172018023, 8172018029

On one level the theme is a clash between the old and the new, between traditional medicine and the western system of allopathy.


Asana pranayama mudra bandha

Saraswati, S

ISBN: 9788186336144, 8186336141


Asana: why and how (Hindi-English), 5th edition

Tiwari, OP

ISBN: 9788189485368, 8189485369

A practical handbook describing classical yogic asanas step by step with illustrations.



Swami Kuvalayananda

ISBN: 9788189485047, 8189485040

A pioneer scientific work on description of classical yogic postures for physical and mental development.


Asanas-Pranayama: the foundation of healthy living

Sanyasi Atmabindu (Sanjay Patel)

ISBN: 9788188575596, 8188575593

Provides detailed information on the successful experiments of yoga for medical purpose. There is a detailed description of postures, breathing exercises and meditation as well as diet prescriptions.


Aura energy: for better health and happiness

Slate, Joe H

ISBN: 9788178221205, 8178221209


Aura reading: through all your senses

Rosetree, Rose

ISBN: 9788178221878, 817822187X


Awakening the chakras through Yoga

Rodgers, Claire et al

ISBN: 9788178359922, 8178359928


Ayurvedic Panchkarma and yoga: simple treatment of complex diseases

Jain, Mukesh D.

ISBN: 9788170174530, 8170174538

Panchkarma is ayurveda's most popular therapy. The present book is based on the author's 30 years of clinical practice with this unique treatment modality to eliminate the subtle vitiated doshas from the body cells. ;


Basic psychic development: a user's guide to auras, chakras and clairvoyance

Friedlander, John et al.

ISBN: 9788178220628, 8178220628


Bhakthi and health: under the divine inspiration of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Ghooi, Charanjit (b.1937)

ISBN: 9788170189121, 8170189128


Bhakti and health: under the divine inspiration of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba; ed. by Yashoda Bhat, et al

Ghooi, Charanjit (b.1937)

ISBN: 9788170188797, 8170188792

Selected Contents: (i)God is omnipresent (AUM) (ii)The space (Akasha) (iii)Consciousness and vibrations (iv)Total health (iv)Bbhakti (v)Purity of mind and senses (vi)Aura (vii)Baba is Kaliyuga Avatar.


Breath of life: breathing for health, vitality and meditation, England, 1996

Saraswati, Swami Dharmananda

ISBN: 9788120816862, 8120816862

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