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Ancient Indian economic thought: relevance for today

Basu, Ratan Lal et al.

ISBN: 9788131601259, 8131601250

Based on two most well known ancient Indian writings, Arthasastra and Manusmriti, this volume deals in agriculture and land use, environment and ecology, craft industries, role of state sector, price policy, taxation etc.


Annaprasana Samskara by Kunja Vihari Sarma

ISBN: 9788172700621, 8172700628

In this book, there is detailed mention of reituals with mantra which is required at the time of first time of taking food (anna) by the child.


Apastamba's aphorisms on the sacred law of the Hindus, Parts I-II, ed. in the original Sanskrit with critical notes, variant readings from Hiranyakesi-Dharmasutras, an ....

... alphabetical index of sutras and word-index, together with extracts from Haradatta's comm. `The Ujjvala' by George Buhler, 3rd edition, 1932;Texts (Veda, Upanisads, Puranas, Epics etc.)


Appropriation and invention of tradition: the East India Company and Hindu law in early colonial Bengal

Bhattacharyya-Panda, Nandini

ISBN: 9780195690484, 0195690486

Contents:- (i) The pre-colonial tradition of the Dharmasastras. (ii) Hindu law of property and inheritance and the East India Company Officials, 1698-1772. (iii) Vivadarnavasetu and A Code of Gentoo Laws. (iv) Towards a second code: the response to new imperatives. (v) Vivadabhangarnava and A Digest of Hindoo laws.


Balambhatti, being a commentary by Balambhatta Payagunde on the Mitaksara of Sri Vijnaneswara on the Yajnavalkya-Smrti, 3 vols., ed. by J.R. Gharpure, with a preface in English...

ISBN: 9788121509794, 8121509793 Albrecht Wezler.;;Vol.1: Acaradhyaya. Vol.2: Vyavaharadhyaya. Vol.3: Prayascittadhyaya.


A brief history of Dharmasastra

Banerji, SC (b.1917)

ISBN: 9788170173700, 8170173701

Contents: (i) Introduction (ii) Political, social and religious background (iii) Evolution of Dharmasastra (iv) Selected topics of Dharmasastra (v) Ethics in Dharmasastra (vi) Purana and Smrti (vii) Tantra and Smrti (viii) Interrelation among different schools of Navya-Smrti (ix) Society reflected in Dharmasastra (x) Rationalism, tolerance and germs of socialism in Dharmasastra (xi) Epilogue.

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