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Abhicara rites in the Veda

Sahoo, Purna Chandra

ISBN: 9788177022094, 8177022091

A systematic study on the Vedic abhicara (sorcery or black magic) taking its various aspects into consideration.


An Advaita Vedanta perspective on language

Grimes, John

ISBN: 9788170302506, 8170302501


Agni and Indra powers: manifestation of will power and mental powers in us

Kashyap, RL

This book has introductory essays on the two Gods namely Agni and Indra highlighting their psychological functions.


Agni: the Vedic ritual of the fire altar, 2 vols. with two audio cassettes, photographs by Adelaide de Menil, Berkeley, 1983

Staal, Frits et al.

ISBN: 9788120816602, 8120816609

The first volume contains a discussion of the place of the Agnicayana in the Vedic strauta tradition, its textual loci, traditional and interpretations of its origins and significance and an overview of the Nambudiri Vedic tradition. The second volume contains contributions by an international galaxy of scholars on archaeology, the pre-vedic Indian background, geometry, ritual vessels, music m...


Agnicayana, by Dr. Visvambharanatha Tripathi

The author has dealt on the issue of Agnicayana from both mythical as well as literary aspects.


The Aksaratantra: a pratisakhya of Samaveda with vrtti

Sharma, Shri Krishan

ISBN: 9788186727072, 8186727078


All India oriental conference sectional presidential addresses

Chaubey, BB (b.1940)

A collection of author's Sectional Presidential Addresses at All India Oriental Conference (1993-2002).;


Ancient Indian concept of ethics & moral values

Dalai, B.K. (ed.)

This book contains 45 papers presented at a seminar organised by Centre of Adv. Study in Sanskrit, University of Pune in 2007 on the concept of ethics and moral values as depicted in the text tradition of India.


Ancient Sanskrit literature, rev. edition

Max Muller, F

ISBN: 9788180901621, 8180901629

Contents: (i) The Sutra period. (ii) The Brahmana period. (iii) The Mantra period. (iv) The Chhandas period.

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