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Antiquities of Zhang Zhung: a comprehensive inventory of pre-Buddhist archaeological monuments in the Tibetan upland, Vol.2: archaic ceremonial monuments, maps by Quentin Devers

Belleza, John Vincent

ISBN: 9789380282596, 9380282591

This book is the first comprehensive inventory of pre-Buddhist monuments in western Tibet. It is based on actual surveys of the sites and the archaeological evidence by the author. This empirical approach to Tibetan history is a welcome addition to textual sources of information, for it furnishes a means for independently assessing the content and tone of literary materials. One of the most re...


The Brahmayamalatantra or Picumata, Vol.II: the religious observances and sexual rituals of the tantric practitioner: chapters 3, 21, and 45, a critical edn. and annotated tr. ...

ISBN: 9788184702071, 8184702078

...Kiss. The present volume contains a critical edition and annotated translation of three of its chapters: one on the central mandala of the cult, one on preliminary religious observances (vrata) prescribed for all practitioners (sadhaka), and one on instructions for each individual category of sadhaka -- instructions on transgressive sexual rituals for the Talaka, on strict rules of conduct ...


Buddhist intimations

Chandra, Lokesh

ISBN: 9788177421484, 8177421484

The book begins with a new interpretation of the history and nomenclature of Nalanda. Magadha as the inspiration of Buddhist art, the political perceptions of Asoka, Oeso on Kushan coins, the name Konarka as a Tocharian word, Sanskrit and Indology as the Indian Renaissance, Sharada and Kangra scripts, the word Roma for gypsies and references to them in Indian sources are some highlights of Ind...


English-Pali Dictionary by RaghuVira, ed. posthumously by Lokesh Chandra

ISBN: 9788193462188, 8193462181

This English Pali Dictionary includes the English renderings given in the Pali-English dictionaries of T.W. Rhys Davids and William Stede (1921) as well as in the Critical Pali Dictionary begun by Trenckner and edited by Dines Andersen and others. It is the first lexical effort to represent Classical Pali semantics in English word order. The English-Pali dictionaries compiled in SE Asia have n...


Esoteric Buddhist astrology: Japanese Sukuyodo and Indian astrology, English tr. by Bill M. Mak

Yano, Michio

ISBN: 9788193462171, 8193462173

The book primarily focuses on a work that was most probably composed by the Indian Tantric master Amoghavajra, but that has only survived in Chinese translations. The in-depth study of this work provides Professor Yano with an opportunity to situate it between Mesopotamian and Hellenistic influences on one hand, and further developments in China and Japan on the other,


Jeypore portfolio of architectural details, Vol.IV(Parts 7-8), Part 7: Strings and Band Patterns, Part 8: Wall and Surface decoration

Jacob, Samuel Swinton

ISBN: 9788192450292, 8192450295

The Jeypore Portfolio comprises 12 parts which will be published by Studio Orientalia in 6 volumes. Vol. I: Part 1 Copings and Plinths & Part 2 Pillars - Caps and Bases; Vol. II: Part 3 Carved Doors & Part 4 Brackets; Vol. III: Part 5 Arches & Part 6 Balustrades; Vol. IV: Part 7 String and Band Patterns & Part 8 Wall and Surface Decorations; Vol. V: Part 9 Dados & Part 10 Parapets and Friezes;...


Embedded narratives of Buddhism

Chandra, Lokesh

ISBN: 9788194085003, 8194085004

The volume begins with a unique Japanese scroll of Sudhana's pilgrimage in diaphanous colors. Ajanta and TransGandhara and the socalled Padmapani at Ajanta have been newly identified. The Four Past Buddhas include Bhama Konakamana of Bamiyan as the immediate predecessor of Sakyamuni. A volume that roams across centuries and climes of both the East and West, that fills our minds with thoughts o...


Saranagati: as reflected in the major purana-s

Pai, G.K.

Saranagati or the doctrine of Saranagiti has been defined by the Ahirbudhnya Samhita and also by Laksmi Tantra. The book is a study of relevant legends available in the major Puranas, in the light of the above definition.


Subhuticandra's Kavikamadhenu on Amarakosa 1.4.8cd-2.2.5ab: together with Si tu Pan chen's Tibetan translation, edited and introduced by Lata Mahesh Deokar

ISBN: 9783923776580, 3923776586

This volume deals with Subhuticandra's commentary of Amarkosa 1.4.8cd-2.2.5ab. The critically edited Sanskrit text is followed by indexes to words commented upon by Subhuticandra (Sanskrit and Tibetan). It is followed by an index of the authorities and citations quoted in this volume.


Tibetan manuscript and xylograph traditions: the written word and its media within the Tibetan culture sphere, ed. by Orna Almogi

ISBN: 9783945151037, 3945151031

Contents: The rNying ma rgyud 'bum Set at the National Archives Kathmandu: The History of Its Production and Transmission by ORNA ALMOGI; Different Facets of Mang yul Gung thang Xylographs by MICHELA CLEMENTE; Early Tibetan Printing in Southern La stod: Remarks on a 1407 Print Produced at Shel dkar by HILDEGARD DIEMBERGER; Buddhist Hagiographies from the Borderlands: Further Prints from Mang y...


Vajradhara in human form: the life and times of Ngor chen Kun dge'bzang po

Heimbel, Jorg

ISBN: 9789937028493, 9937028493

The present study is a revised version of author's dissertation, Ngorchen Kun dga' bzang po (1382-1456)--An Investigation into the Life and Times of the Founder of the Ngor Sub-school of the Sa skya Order, submitted at the University of Hamburg, Germany, in 2014. Ngorchen was one of the most outstanding and influential Sa skya masters of the fifteenth century who founded Ngor Monastery in 1429...


Visible heritage: essays on the art and architecture of Greater Ladakh, ed. by Rob Linrothe and Heinrich Poll

ISBN: 9788192450278, 8192450279

(16th Conference of the International Association for Ladakh Studies Heidelberg 17-20 April, 2013) Contents: 1. Alchi Tsatsapuri: Notes on the History of an Early Monuments by Andre Alexander; 2. Lost and Gone Forever: Notes on the Demolition of the 23 Red Temple of Hunder by Noor Jahan Chunka And Gerald Kozicz; 3. Fortifications of Ladakh: A Brief Chrono-Typology by Quentin Devers; 4. The Mun...


Cultural interflow between India and Japan

Chandra, Lokesh

ISBN: 9788177421361, 8177421360

This book chronicles the role of Buddhism in the formation of the state, literature, art, and beginnings of technology in Japan from the sixth century down to our times. From the name of the country as Nippon arising out of the golden light of the rising sun in the Suvarnabhasottama-sutra;down to the Indic sequence of the kana syllabary, or the kanji of the sutras becoming the terminology of t...

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