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Approach to battle: training the Indian Army during the Second World War

Jeffreys, Alan

ISBN: 9789352906277, 9352906276

This monograph is a modern historical interpretation of the Indian Army as a holistic organisation during the Second World War. It will look at training in India--charting how the Indian Army developed a more comprehensive training structure than any other Commonwealth country.


Archaeology of North East India

Gupta, S.S.

ISBN: 9789387587656, 9387587657


The monsters still lurk

Nambiar, Aruna

ISBN: 9789353335137, 9353335132

The underlying theme of the novel is about ageing, and a family grappling with all that it entails.


Jasmine days, tr. by Shahnaz Habib


ISBN: 9789353450748, 9353450748

A powerful story about the dilemmas of immigrant lives.


Art attacks: violence and offence-taking in India

Maheshwari, Malvika

ISBN: 9780199488841, 0199488843

This book tells the story of this phenomenon and maps the concrete political transformations that have informed the dynamic unfolding of violent attacks on artists. Based on extensive interactions with offence-takers, assailants, and artists, the author argues that these attacks are not simply `anti-democratic' but are dependent in perverse ways on the very logics of democracy's functioning in...


The Begum: a portrait of Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan's pioneering first lady

Agarwal, Deepa et al.

ISBN: 9780670091188, 0670091189

A rare, unusual and riveting biography of Begum Ra'ana, wife of first prime minister of Pakistan.


Hindu nationalism in India

Thakur, S.N.

ISBN: 9789386611680, 9386611686



Vijayakarthikeyan, K.

ISBN: 9789353335328, 9353335329


Haribhatta's Jatakamala, critically ed. from the manuscripts with the help of earlier work by Michael Hahn, by Martin Straube

ISBN: 9788194118404, 8194118409

The present book contains the entire Sanskrit text of Haribhatta's Jatakamala (ca.AD 400), as far as it has been preserved in a few manuscripts presently accessible to us. Haribhatta's work belongs to the Buddhist genre of Garlands of stories about previous lifes of the Buddha and represents a rare specimen of early Sanskrit poetry written in the Campu style. Since 1904 when scholars first lea...


Hari dal par peele patte - a novel

Tushar, Raghunandan Sharma

ISBN: 9789389012316, 9389012317


Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708): master of the White Hawk

Grewal, J.S.

ISBN: 9780199494941, 0199494940

The unifying theme in the life of Guru Gobind Singh was confrontation with the Mughals, which culminated in a struggle for political power. The volume elaborates on the life and legacy of Guru Gobind Singh and explore the ideological background of the institution of the Khalsa and its larger political context.


Grhastha: the householder in Ancient Indian religious culture,

ISBN: 9780190098889, 0190098880

This volume problematizes the figure of the householder within ancient Indian culture and religion. It shows that the term grhastha is a neologism and is understandable only in its opposition to the ascetic who goes away from home (pravrajita). It also analyzes the meanings, functions, and role of the householder from the earliest times until about the fifth century CE.


Greta's story: the schoolgirl who went on strike to save the planet, tr. by Moreno Giovannoni

Camerini, Valentina

ISBN: 9781471190650, 147119065X

This story is about hope, courage and determination.


Gopalganj to Raisina Road

Yadav, Lalu Prasad et al.

ISBN: 9789353333133, 935333313X


Greatest folk tales of Bihar

Verma, Nalin

ISBN: 9789353336622, 9353336627

These are stories from the soil of Bihar, from the land of Bhojpuri and Maithili-stories that have traversed centuries and created a catalogue of oral wisdom.


Gendered citizenship: understanding gendered violence in democratic India

Behl, Natasha

ISBN: 9780190098766, 0190098767

This book offers an examination of Indian citizenship that weaves together an analysis of sexual violence law with an in-depth ethnography of the Sikh community to explore the contradictory nature of Indian democracy--which gravely affects its institutions and puts its citizens at risk.

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